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Just A Farmers Wife!

I thought I know a lot about this computer thing!

April 28, 2018

Well here I am after a week of struggling with trying to get this website set up and published.  There was an option to have someone help you get started (at an additional charge) but I thought to myself "Tara you are pretty handy on the computer you can do this!"  Hind sight I should have paid the extra money and listened to my farmer husband about overspending just so I could gently remind him about the purchase of the gently used Dozer that he just purchased! 

 I am just kidding around!  My husband is very supportive and is very excited to get this web page up and going.  We are looking forward to all the new products and services that we will have available in the future.  And I am looking forward to sharing some of the shenanigans that happen out here on the farm.  But for now, as a farmers wife, I need to go look after our sick toddler, check the cows, feed our bottle baby, fold the laundry, wash the eggs and cook supper!

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