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Hardneck Garlic

We have chosen to grow hardneck garlic because of its hardiness in our cold winters, cool springs and warm summers.  From a culinary view point it also has better 'flavour' options ranging from moderately spicy to a very robust heat that will have garlic lovers wanting more. 

 Another feature of the hardneck is that in the spring the plant will develop a long flowering stem, called a scape, that when harvested at a young stage can be cooked up and served roasted, in salads, as a pesto, on pizza's and on and on.  The scape has been one of our most favorite part of growing garlic and we anxiously await it's arrival in the spring!


Garlic Scape

This has proven to be our favorite to grow as well as one of our customers favorites as well.  

Red Russian





Purple Russian

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