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Hedibuilt Farms is growing with the demand from the population to provide quality, locally sourced food at a fair price.

Our beef is raised from birth on our farm, spending the first 5 1/2 months with their mothers on pasture.  In the fall, winter and early spring we feed hay and grain that has been grown and harvested on our farm.  

 Yes, we treat our cattle with antibiotics WHEN ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. When we have to medicate an animal we have records that record the animal number, date, antibiotic used, amount used and the withdrawal time (withdrawal time is the time that it takes the medication to go through the animals system before can be butchered). For example, in 2015 from our 30 head of cattle we only treated one calf because he got a cut on his neck that got infected and abscessed. We treated him once with 5ml of penicillin. In 2016 from our 35 head of cattle we did not treat any. Our herd is important to us so when they get sick or hurt we will do what it takes to make them better...Humanely Raised is the banner that we fly at this farm. We know this is a controversial subject but this is where we stand and we are proud of our animals and the product that we have to supply to the public.


Life on the farm

I love my garden because I love to cook for my family and friends.  Using ingredents that are homegrown and fresh with no chemicals makes serving my dishes that much more satisfying.  

We want to offer these choices to other families in our rural area.  The chance to shop local and know where your food is coming from gives a piece of mind to the family cook at the end of the day. 

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